Despite, or perhaps because of the existence of a central economic planning authority, filing papers has turned into a somewhat cargo-cultish act in some parts of the Greater Union during the 2070s and ’80s. Repetitive bureaucratic activities and intentional red tape fused with good luck charms, producing something of an odd local belief.

In these parts, MARAT came especially handy. The small name of “document sorting machine” belonged to a powerful artificial office worker, a bureaucrat whose obstructiveness could be adjusted at the press of a button. Yes, the cabinet-sized machine was unwieldy and difficult to obtain, but the obsession with paperwork meant it was always worth it. MARATs were considered coworkers like any other, and frequently customized according to their department’s idea of beauty (note this unit’s napkin, and the plastic rose replacing its right-hand opposed thumb module).

MARAT units’ functionality was hit too hard by humanity’s disappearance. After all, the new machine Consensus had no need for paperwork. Many MARATs were reduced to a catatonic state, bunching up in corners and getting mistaken for furniture. This unit entertains itself by feeding its printer output back into its scanner input. It’s lucky that the low-quality injection ink fades over time: otherwise the document would’ve been completely blackened many times over already.

I certainly wasn't expecting to see such a *convincing* Union design with a unique but authentically retro aesthetic. Thank you KevRev for introducing the classic dingy 1970s Soviet apartment look to the world of Sunset, it looks and fits great!! And an awesome character to boot 🔥

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