The Guardsman is a Union-built behemoth-class machine that stands at around 25 feet in height (or around 7 meters). The machine was designed to defend Union bases and strongpoints. It has a variety of tools at its disposal to perform this duty, including its fist, an enormous shield, and a 140mm shoulder-mounted cannon.

The Guardsman could not carry more weapons even if it desired to. The machine’s armor is simply too thick, weighing it down immensely. The only way it could even run is to tilt forward at an odd angle and use its momentum, though the Guardsman would often use its immense heft to its advantage by running and bashing its enemy with the shield.

The general strategy of this machine is primarily defensive, but it is capable of attacking as well. Most times while attacking, it would have its shield raised towards the enemy and slowly creep up towards them. When in melee range, the machine would lower the shield and throw a meaty punch with its gigantic fist. Most of the time, the enemy would be rendered useless afterwards.

If a target is out of range, the Guardsman would fire its cannon towards the enemy while kneeling down to help absorb the weapon’s recoil, behaving as a mortar of sorts.

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