Emerson MDL Waste

Industrial waste-disposal walker

Industrial waste-disposal walker with a high-energy beam to vaporize simple garbage, and grabber for the more nuanced stuff. Note the label that asks visitors to drop trash on the floor. It’s simpler that way… you don’t want MDLs confusing people’s arms for waste.

Kelso Vendomatic SD5000-25

Wandering vending machine

A boring name for a boring machine. The SD5000 is one of hundreds of models in the Kelso’s standard vending line, with this one designed for fizzy drink dispensing. Why does it have legs? Why not? Maybe someone somewhere is going to need emergency Fizz.

VDL TK-6 Sales System

Vendor-salesman with samples

Niche vendor-salesman design; meant to walk around and dispense samples, directing people to a nearby storefront. This one has been customized around the Oldburn Smokes brand, and is armed with a cigarette lighter in the form of a robotic cigar. Note the “Smoking Kills!” sign, required by law.

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