title:Collection of old firearms: Collection of old firearms, mostly antiquated by the advent of automated weapon systems.

  • ELSIT DRR, a technologically-enabled sniper rifle.
  • Kuzmich AKD-55, a common assault rifle of Union make.
  • BATO 159, a personal defense weapon created by a subsidary of a Pact weapons syndicate.

title:Wearable neurocaster: Wearable neurocaster, a strange little device that appears to read one’s mind to transmit commands.

Using a neurocaster, an individual can silently control devices and robots around them.

The origin is currently unknown.

title:Kobra SplitSlide handgun: Kobra SplitSlide, a light handgun designed to sploosh native Titan lifeforms.

The Kobra is particularly decked out in this image. While mostly harmless to people, the Blossom rounds are devastating to lifeforms on Titan. They are designed to disrupt and “sploosh” them, rupturing their and preventing them from sealing the breach using a special charge. The weapon has very little perceivable recoil due to the split slide design, while a special optic detects the electrical charge of Titan lifeforms.

Titan life forms are essentially sacs of mucus, made of a thin charged skin tightly wrapped around a warm nutrient-rich sludge that also serves as a battery. To move, these creatures uses a combination of skin contractions and manipulation of their own charge. After a Blossom round, they leave behind nothing but a puddle of sludge and a dead skin :(

title:Communist currency punchcard: Uspeshka Punchcard, a Soviet centralized “credit card” using a transitory currency system.

Uspeshka punchards were used until the mid-21st century. The punchcard would feature many designs, such as this commemorative 2048 edition celebrating the discovery of the al’kawat, a Europan deep-sea creature.

The uspeshka, translated to success in Russian, was the Union’s standard national currency. Introduced in 1985 along with the formation of the Union, the uspeshka is a digital currency, existing entirely within AGREGAT central economic computers. Over the course of several decades, the uspeshka would replace rubles, rials, dinars and other local currencies. While this would be hailed as a great step towards achieving true communism, the uspeshka’s true, insidious purpose was to gradually lock member states into the Union by removing their economic independence. Once you enter the Union, you are either in for good, or are left with nothing…

From a conceptual perspective, uspeshki have no real value, and are really more of a voucher than a currency. An uspeshka may be granted by AGREGAT to serve a particular economic purpose, and will be dissolved once it has run its course. In theory, the uspeshka would be kept in play only until an economic sector was converted to a fully moneyless system. In practice, uspeshki replaced local currencies in full to Moscow’s advantage, but were only replaced with moneyless economic sectors in isolated communities and some offworld colonies.

Individuals and organizations are authorized to borrow symbolic quantities of uspeshki by having AGREGAT generate the currency within their centralized account. It can then be used by simply swiping a personal identification implant, or by making use of a specialized punchcard in older systems.

title:Brainsaver injection: The brainsaver, an injection that prevents the effects of anoxia and attempts to stabilize the brain.

Used in emergencies, such as asphyxiating in a vacuum, or after drowning. The concoction is based on research and exploitation of Europan undersea life, such as the aforementioned al’kawat.

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