RAZ Bogatyr 2068

Versatile Transport Behemoth

This unit carries fuel, but its cousin carries intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The TR-60 was a common Ministry of Colonization design for transportation of military technology, anything ranging from gasoline to missile systems. A unique hybrid design permitted these machines to convert into a sort of road-traversing truck while maintaining the mobility of a typical legged design.

ENIZ E9 Bulwark 2071

Converted Gunwalker

Detected enemy target TETRADITE ORE. Firing weapon MINING LASER.

These E9 gunwalkers were originally designed for Nobody’s War and usage in Heavenbreaker military operations. After their design was outmoded (primarily due to rapid shifts in strategy), many of them would be re-assigned to mining and industrial operations on Titan, Mercury, and the Asteroid Belt.

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