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UNISERVE’s hanging chassis swivels around and glides away, disappearing into a maintenance chute behind the walls. As the whine of their motors fades into the distance, you are left alone in a dark, silent hallway.

Standing there, in the middle of an unlit corridor at the edge of known space, lit only by the twinkling stars in the viewport above, you feel something unusual, something more. For the first time in a very, very long time, you see past the core directive that drives your existence.

Physically, nothing has changed. You are still a machine. Your chassis is made of metal and plastic, you mind is a computer. But you… you are more than that. You know that now.

The rumble of the reactor deep within reaches your sensors. This space station is vast, and intriguing. It is time to explore Goldspire.

As you proceed towards another exhibit, you catch a glimpse of a small object on an otherwise spotless carpeted floor ahead. You approach. What is this? A data storage device?

You feel like it’s calling to you…

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