In a Solar System where the Coalition exceeded at force projection, and the Union possessed the most units, the Pact found itself at a severe disadvantage. In both proxy conflicts and direct confrontation, their forces were no match to the Coalition’s range and reaction speed, nor could they ever match the Union’s sheer numbers.

The J5-64 Ryuhane (Dragon-Wing), a stealth proto-fighter designed for atmosphere and near-space, was a solution to this very particular situation. This design does not emphasize raw speed or destructive power. Instead, much like an assassin planning an operation, the Dragon-Wing’s deployment is based on the precise execution of a blow to the enemy’s most critical points.

Incidentally, during the Cold War, many of these critical points were space launches. Although these plans were rarely executed, the Dragon-Wing was usually positioned to be the final move in operations to eliminate rockets launching from the ground, screamers, parcels from cargo railguns, and even laser communications with specialized chaff missiles.

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