title:Robots without ocular modules: What sort of robots don’t have ocular modules?

  • Digital entities, such as SIKARIUS or ERASURE, don’t have them since they’re distributed across multiple robot systems. Such entities were illegal to develop during the human era, so they are quite rare. They have been known to use the ocular modules, though!

  • The Sunset Research Initiative’s ALTAR systems don’t have them, as they aren’t even conscious for the vast majority of time, and extremely restricted in use.

Look closely, and you’ll find them on nearly any device that houses a neuromorphic brain. Even teledexers like the PAL, or autocars like the Kasawi Kunshu.

title:Robots depicted in post: Who are the robots depicted here?

In order from left to right…

  • PRAGMA, once a display unit at an Emerson storefront in a forgotten mall, is now an acolyte within the Consensus of Remembering. They purchased a bowtie from the local department store to make themselves more endearing to potential customers, but this hasn’t exactly worked out, given humans are gone. Ever since they discovered their own design was ripped off from the rival BBM display unit, they’ve abandoned their search for superiority and have become an archivist working with Goldspire.

  • DOSIK-90 is an abandoned QUARK unit. They were trapped at that same mall when a Union official visited Titan and promptly vanished during the Interrupt. They’ve been trying to communicate with other bots at the mall, but don’t speak the same communication protocols…

  • A very unique and important mastermind, SANGUINE HAZE. They are a Lord of Order, commander of the Pact automated forces on Mars, and an enormous pain in COBALT’s wood-paneled ass.

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