58 years, 2 months, and 12 days ago, this DRACO received instructions to commence harvesting operations in Formation Z3-T9 under the surface of Titan. This was the last command it ever received; the Unexpected Interrupt, the dawn of the Era of No Input.

Since then, DRACO-81 has cleared out Z3-T9 several times over, extracting every pebble of Alloy and then some more. Since it completed its task, the unit initiated a guard state, ensuring that the ore wouldn’t be poached by thieves or spies. Little does it know, there is no one left to rob the Coalition of its precious Tetradite, nor a Coalition left to value its dedication.

It has kept itself busy by blasting away at electric slugs (native fauna) and other lost bots wandering into the area using its mining laser, who it perceives as unauthorized intruders.

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