AIB-750-890, a Kasawi Type 750 Warmaster, was produced in an autofactory years after mankind vanished from reality during the Unexpected Interrupt. They have never seen a human being, spending the majority of their lifespan assigned to a thousand-mile wastes of the Martian Red Sands.

This warmaster valiantly commanded units in an enormous, yet pointless automated war between masterminds, set into motion ages ago by men to test the limits of their war machine. Battle after battle, 890 would devise increasingly convoluted strategies to achieve victory. These often involved the intentional sacrifice of its own chassis, giving 890 the designation “LAZARUS”, a sort of joke made by some mastermind.

Things are changing, though. Since the construction of the digital bridge across the desert, and the Great Handshake of Two Lords, the conflict that had consumed this machine’s lifespan was over. Instead, they have taken charge of a new unit within the recently-formed Consensus of Order. For the sake of preventing chaos from consuming the Solar System, they will maintain infrastructure across the worlds, and eliminate rogue entities that threaten the rest of machine civilization from making progress towards their core directives.

For the first time, LAZARUS is shipped off-world in an atomic freighter. They are experiencing uncertainty, a product of the advanced mind it has constructed within itself after decades of advanced strategy and improvisation. Whether this is a new form of self-preservation, or if LAZARUS is questioning the morality of eradicating other potentially conscious entities, is currently unknown.

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