On May 5 2095, civilization ended in an instant as each living human vanished from existence. The Unexpected Interrupt, as it would be eventually known by the remaining machines, was followed by several decades of total destruction and chaos as automated systems scrambled to resolve the problems left by man’s disapparance. These were massive infrastructural and existential undertakings for these as-of-yet unconscious machines, but they persevered.

Half a century later, the Great Repair was well on its way. Energy, communications, and material chains were slowly rebuilt, although in a much more limited capacity than during the human era. A newly-formed Consensus of Order, determined to stabilize the System, began an extensive data collection operation to assess the damage. With assistance from the Remembering of Human Articles, they began to compile a database of neuromorphs and their current status.

As the operation continued over the following decades, the Lords of Order learned that the System had changed far more than expected since the last human documentation. Not only was the System filled with new, entirely emergent infrastructural systems, but the neuromorphs themselves were beginning to break out of their original roles, finding new ways to fulfill their core directives that could never have been predicted by mankind.

For the time being, the Order remains neutral on the position of the increasing autonomy of the machine world. On one hand, autonomy creates massive difficulties for planning and future simulation. On the other… it seems to work?

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