Enduring Coalition

  • Heavenbreaker Initiative: Military, expeditionary, and maintenance arm of the Enduring Coalition. Repairs infrastructure, charts the worlds, maintains the nuclear arsenal.

  • MRDCI: Department of Covert Intelligence for the Coalition. Does some very unsavory things. Operates ALTITUDE network, a system-wide surveillance network.

  • Administration for Charitable Tribute (ACT): Handles all donations to Coalition efforts, something highly pressured in Coalition society. Distributes additional funding as deemed necessary.

Greater Union

  • Committee for Scientific Integrity (NANCOM): Formed in the wake of Aggregate economic disaster. Administers national internet. Rules on merits and ethics of scientific programs.
  • Ministry of Colonization (MINICOL): Military wing of the Union. Pretty similar role to Heavenbreaker.

  • Bureau of Agriculture (AGBURO): Handles Venusian terraforming efforts, farming, and genetic collection/engineering programs. Butts heads with Minicol.

Rising Pact

  • Hikari Energy & Telecom: Syndicate for communication and other interplanetary infrastructure. Operates Pact’s nuclear arsenal in space.

  • Kojo Automated Services: Syndicate formed to design and manufacture military and other rugged robotic systems. Operates the Pact’s terrestrial army.

  • Sankalpa Temple: Responsible for mass manufacture and authorization of the creation of any new neuromorph. Butts heads with Kojo.

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