Pictured are a number of documents related to the development of Project SVAROG, the Sunset Research Initiative’s first Full-Scale Noetic Alteration System.

While alteration prototypes effective at molecular scales were constructed by various parties for decades, the incredible amount of funding and international support permitted Project SVAROG to make huge leaps in practical applications of the noetic sciences.

Project SVAROG was designed to manifest small physical objects, but would often be used to test other effects as the Initiative increased its understanding of the noosphere.

While the cause of the spherical interference pattern in the photograph wasn’t known at the time, it was later understood that Murphy Interference was caused by the Altar’s unwillingness to be imaged. Special instrumentation would be developed in response to this and similar effects.

After the relative success of the project, over a dozen other minor and major Altars were constructed by the Sunset Research Initiative to varying degrees of success. It would culminate in Project WHITE SERAPH, a monumental space-based Altar designed to incorporate all noetic understanding.

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