title:PEB-1 parking enforcer: PEB-1 writes another parking violation, long after Unexpected Interrupt.

“Another day, another ticket.”

title:Steel Titan cargo walker: Steel Titan, a robotic platform for transporting cargo through muddy Venusian environments.

title:MOH swamp walker: MOH, a Venusian swamp walker.

Sensitive bits are covered in a highly durable tarp.

title:Agricultural unit: Photograph of a brand-new agricultural unit tending to a mutant plant.

Fresh from the Kovalsk Microfactory, AGRO-181 currently exists solely to collect from a reward function related to efficient and continued plant growth.

With time, their mind will grow more complex. Each new experience will generate a link within their neuromorphic mind. They will learn from their mistakes and adapt, developing new techniques along the way. They will begin to think outside of the scope of their original parameters, experimenting with wild new methods of agricultural maintenance.

One day, it may even contain a consciousness.

#venusianvibes (revised January 2023)

title:Martian battle robot: Martian battle robot from the shadow conflicts in the Red Sands.

This SOS г9 levitating robot was designed for combat over the Martian deserts. Due to its shape, color, and propensity for violence, technicians would often refer to it as the “angry banana”.

title:Contemplate: A lanky design contemplates a scratch disk.

“Don’t copy that floppy.”

title:Encounter: Walking military system encounters a tiny creature.

“you are small and furry. i will spare you when i dominate this world.” - ZackWriter23

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