After the invention of the neuromorph in 1975, it took less than five years for SLAVA’s blueprint to leave the Soviet Union and enter the domain of common knowledge. Hundreds of corporations, design bureaus, research teams, and individual tinkerers jumped on the opportunity to create intelligent systems based on this artificial brain, often to great success.

By the turn of the century, most organizations were expanding their operations to incorporate cybernetics, even if it wasn’t their original speciality. After all, there was a way to make artificial intellect a boon to any industry, and it was seen as the inevitable future. You’ll find that most organizations in this list specialized in something other than robot manufacturing; anything from software design, to construction and engineering, to consumer electronics.

This is a list of organizations from across the Solar System that participated in the manufacturing of neuromorphs and robots, including drones, interfacers, behemoths, masterminds, and their components. It is updated with any newly uncovered organizations. You may click on individual organizations to learn more.

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