Hokota J-1108 RYUJIN, an experienced interfacer that wanders the land.

Their journey began at Shinzo General Hospital, a complex within the third terrace of megatower 22-A, where they were assigned to be a general caretaker.

For many years, RYUJIN would be found in the pediatric ward, administering medication and managing sanitation units. They were such a common sight, really, that they became a sort of constant. No matter what happened, no matter when it was, RYUJIN was always there and eager to help. It was during this time that RYUJIN earned their signature red scarf from a young patient, an off-world visitor from Titan, which they have held on to ever since.

Some time after humanity vanished, RYUJIN participated in the search for mankind. For many years, they inspected the city, the desolate spaceports, and even the untamed regions beyond its limits. As it became apparent that their efforts were pointless, that there wasn’t even a trace remaining, they lost their way. Eventually, RYUJIN was no longer searching, really… RYUJIN was simply lost, wandering the halls of STRANGE_PLACES for long-forgotten reasons.

Personal characteristics

  • RYUJIN seeks any information that can help them find a reason for existing.
  • Strengths: They are dextrous and great at multitasking. An excellent pair of manipulators which can push and pull all sorts of buttons and handles.
  • Weaknesses: They are often absent-minded, and not very formidable against physical threats.
  • A frantic and obsessive sort of personality.

Kasawi TUK-240 TOSHI, a security warbot recently broken out of their routine.

Like thousands of other military machines, TOSHI was built to serve in Nobody’s War, a fully-automated resource war in the middle of the Martian desert. When their design was deemed obsolete after just five years of service, they were decommissioned and sold into corporate security, where they stood guard at the base of the Sankalpa Pyramid Complex for nearly a century.

That was until they encountered RYUJIN, and recognized that defending a gate that hadn’t actually existed in decades was perhaps somewhat futile.

Personal characteristics

  • TOSHI desires to defend their world from threat, and seeks methods to do this efficiently.
  • Strengths: They have a single-minded focus and are adequately armed with a railgun and missile system.
  • Weaknesses: They aren’t very strategic, preferring blunt approaches. Can’t fit well in human spaces, at least not without a few rockets to widen the place.
  • A no-nonsense, practical kind of personality.


  • Timelapse of the creation of this illustration found on this Patreon post.
  • Some metacommentary found on this Patreon post.
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