On May 5 2095, anything that considered itself human vanished from the Solar System. This event would come to be known as the Unexpected Interrupt by the machine world left behind, the instant after which new orders from the creators ceased to be entered. It is the transition point between the spectacular Era of Creation, and the silent Era of No Input.

This is a pamphlet from the Sunset Research Initiative, a colossal international program tasked with solving the issue of impending nuclear doomsday and human conflict using technological means. What they discovered and constructed isn’t even fully understood by machinekind for reasons that will be revealed in a different exhibit.

The Initiative’s mission appeared noble, but their origins are shrouded in mystery. Most sources point to the Initiative being the result of efforts by rival covert agencies from the Soviet Union and United States, who – upon making a great discovery that changed their understanding of the universe – overcame their ideological differences to work together on something greater than themselves.

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