Dr. Eugene Goff

"Five years ago, this machine manifested a wooden pencil. The pencil didn't even have a graphite core... I suppose one could say it was really more of a stick.

Yesterday, the same machine produced a fully-functioning Insite 332 microprocessor. Perfect, down to the one billion atom-sized transistors and digital firmware. A beautiful, intricate piece of engineering.

We already know that we can do anything we put our mind to. The question is how quickly we will do it."

- Dr. Eugene Goff
Addressing the Project SVAROG team at large

Sunset’s first and most ambitious Director served for nine years beginning at the inception of the organization in 2059. He spearheaded the creation of the first Altar, Project SVAROG, among many others. Under Dr. Goff, the disjointed science of noetics and the noosphere was condensed and organized into formal noetic theory.

Dr. Goff’s directorship was revoked by the Representatives after his involvement in the Anima incident, a mass casualty event triggered by a high-risk experiment.

Dr. Alexander Olson

"Is our universe a simulation? Such a concept does not even exist beyond the confines of our own reality and its rules, reinforced by the conscious forces within. The universe is merely a component of a larger system, one which we seek to understand."

- Dr. Alexander Olson
Answering questions at a public conference

The organization’s most cautious Director served for four fairly uneventful years. Since he originated in the Pine Valley incident, Dr. Olson’s true origins or credentials could not be verified; at least not by traditional means.

Dr. Olson’s directorship was revoked due to a lack of progress on the primary objective, despite his safer methods and major revelations about the nature of reality and theory of noetics.

Dr. Marina Shevchenko

"The world is on the brink of war once again. Gentlemen, we have entered crisis mode. The final machine must be ready by the end of this decade."

- Dr. Marina Shevchenko
Addressing SRI's senior leadership staff

Known as the Director-Engineer, Dr. Shevchenko’s six years oversaw the largest strides in practical implementation of noetic technology. Her administration bootstrapped Project WHITE SERAPH, the Altar which would eventually be activated in 2095, among a number of other practical systems.

Unfortunately, her rapid-moving administration was marred with security flaws. Dr. Shevchenko was removed after an oversight caused neurocasting technology to be leaked to the outside world, leading to the implementation of a much more ruthless Director.

Two more Directors served as head of SRI before the Unexpected Interrupt. They will be revealed at a later time.

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