Good evening, comrades. We are happy to report that there will be no caustic rains, and the ashfall will be very light. Citizens may enjoy the sunny outdoors with minimal personal protection.

Today, Governor Olga Ivanovna Melnikova arrived at the Molniya-3 Heroes Memorial in observance of Remembrance Day. Hundreds and hundreds of citizens have gathered to welcome her arrival and participate in the grieving.

The Bureau of Agriculture reports that it has conducted the largest terraforming operation in the Eastern Sweep. Over 500,000 acres were purified to make way for farmland. No casualties were reported.

All Veneran workers are asked to remain at least 5 kilometers within the colonial border, as perimeter automatons are set to high alert today.

Glory to the Union of Socialist Republics!

As time passed and as Venusian wildlife became increasingly aggressive in response to human colonization, the Union was forced to field similarly aggressive solutions. By the 2090s, the Bureau of Agriculture’s operation was practically a military force of its own.

Depicted is an AGBURO-10, nicknamed the Locust, armed with a prediction engine and napalm rockets. It was extremely effective at dispatching fast-moving targets without wasting expensive guided munitions.

Centuries after mankind has vanished from the Solar System, Locusts continue to wander the overgrown Venusian wilderness, carrying on their original mission.

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