Altai Zhuk 2053, translates to Beetle

Compact Commuter Hatchback

A simple car that transports you, three comrades, and several stacks of economic planning papers from office A to office B.

Altai Vorobei 2094, translates to Sparrow

Low-End Hover Coupe

The common citizen of the Union will be provided with a hovercar by 2100. Perhaps not an elegant one, but it will hover, and they will not complain.

RAZ G200 2048

Medium Transport Truck

Smells like ethanol. We aren’t sure if it’s the truck or the driver.


  • Some metacommentary regarding vehicle design can be found on this Patreon post.

  • A collection of vehicles designed by the Eastern European manufacturer Jura, including a more luxurious hovercar, can be found on this Patreon post.

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