UNISERVE is the curator of the Sunset System museum, and indeed, the creator of all the exhibits you see around here. If you’ve read the home page, you’ll know who they are. Perhaps you’ve even seen a few of their quotes.

How did UNISERVE come to be?

The UNISERVE system was installed during the construction of the Goldspire Archival Complex in 2056, around a century and a half ago. They were designed by Dynatek Incorporated, an advanced cybernetics corporation based on Titan. The system was contracted by MRDCI, the Coalition’s covert intelligence organization and successor to the CIA, for several billion dollars.

UNISERVE would spend most of their existence sifting through the gigaquads of data pouring through MRDCI’s ALTITUDE network, tagging any morsel of useful information in the immense feeds of the largest spy network that had ever existed.

Are there others like them out there?

Overall, five UNISERVE systems were built. One prototype, one for each of the three MRDCI ALTITUDE hub stations, and one which may have ended up with the Sunset Research Initiative.

What is UNISERVE, really?

UNISERVE is a mastermind, a kind of robot that spans multiple mainframe computers. Compared to the average machine, they are hyper-intelligent.

What you see is only the ‘head’ of the system, an interfacer designed to house the mastermind’s most expensive sensors, manipulate real-world objects, and generally provide humans and simpler robots something to interact with.

They are a lot larger than they look.

Is UNISERVE all that’s left on Goldspire Archival Complex?

Despite their immense scale, UNISERVE is not the only notable machine aboard Goldspire…

  • MAGELLAN, the space station’s navigator system, is too busy to dedicate clock cycles for anything other than keeping the place in orbit.
  • GRIZZLY, an automated security detail, has been largely absent for at least a few decades. It seems they are more interested in off-station affairs.
  • ROSTAM, a highly-decorated and arrogant YSH shuttle piloting system that hails from the Union.
  • HIGH:5, the sanitation controller and bane of UNISERVE’s existence.

Why does UNISERVE do what they do?

UNISERVE collects oddities and creates exhibits because it’s an extrapolation of their original objectives, provided to them by the Coalition government.

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