title:Franklin MST, typical truck: A typical truck from an urban environment, the Franklin MST.

This is what a typical truck will look like in 2005!

- Cybernetic core control most functions.
- Energy-efficient lights and sensors cover the surface.
- Designed for short-distance haul.
- Window only for emergency use by pilot.

title:Boglim H500, classic car: The Boglim H500, a classic Venusian ride.

H500 were commonly seen drowning in the swamps of Venus, earning it the nickname of Swamp Monster. Still available for the low low price of fishing one out of the bog, if one is willing to wrestle the composite crabs.

title:Buckley CJ, whispercraft: Buckley CJ, a commercial whispercraft built for the harsh Titan blindstorms.

Whispercraft are a type of aircraft common in the Coalition which converts from a helicopter to a crude jet for ranged travel, by using its rotors as wings.

title:Jupiter Kenny, armored car: Jupiter Kenny, a strange armored car marketed towards Titan suburbanites.

Move your kids in safety and style. Introducing Kenny, an armored car for the whole family.

title:Shyrok BA-6, muscle car: Photo of a common Union muscle car from the 2030s era.

While the Shyrok BA-6 were not self-driving by default, aftermarket modifications like this over-cab robot were extremely easy to obtain and install.

title:Hovertrain prototypes: Set of high-speed prototype hovertrains from various parts of the world.

Eventually, trains like this would become the standard off-world. On the upside, they were incredibly fast and required little infrastructure. On the downside, they were tremendously loud, unusable in settlements without good sound-proofing.

title:Ibragimov IB-58, military VTOL: Ibragimov IB-58, a vertical take-off jet designed to destroy armored insects with a concussive cannon.

Designed for the deathworld of Venus. The weapon destroys native insects by knocking the bugs so hard that their insides liquify against their composite chitin exoskeleton. Sometimes, Archangel separatist groups “accidentally step into the line of fire”.

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