title:Western beater cars: American beaters from across the 21st century.

A beater is defined as a reliable, cheap, often older car that gets you from point A to point B. Eventually, even the incredible technology of gravity manipulation becomes the mundane…

The 2048 Callahan Range was a cheap, heavy vehicle produced in some form until the late 2060s. By the time of the Interrupt, the Range was generally associated with the elderly, who would often be the only ones left driving them.

The 2073 Wallace Delta was the commuter car of choice through even the 2080s, though it faced stiff competition from Pact-Japanese offerings such as the Kasawi Kunshu. What did it have going for it? Uh… maybe patriotism and some extra leg room?

The 2094 Wallace Storm might have looked dashing in the 2090s, but give it time - it’s got the heart of a beater. A century after the Interrupt, most of them certainly look the part as they reside in overgrown parking lots across Titan.

title:Coalition SUV: The Callahan Prospector, a timeless SUV.

When people think of a classic American SUV, they think of the Callahan Prospector. Though the design may have been getting dated by the 2090s, there were no shortage of customers lining up to purchase these.

The vehicle’s name pays homage to the prospectors of early Titan colonization, rugged individuals staking out claims over the valuable super-metal alloy. Of course, by the time the Callahan SUV was released, most of Titan’s population were urban or suburban migrants from Earth. Buyers were likely white-collar cyberneticists and project managers working at Dynatek or one of the other big tech companies headquartered out in the Dollar Bank.

title:Western luxury hovercars: A pair of luxury hovercars from the Coalition.

The 2089 Jupiter Sentinel is a town car equivalent. It’s designed to have a comfortable interior, more so than the average hovercar.

The 2095 Bellini Silvar is in another category entirely. This one is a low-end supercar driven by moderately wealthy Coalition citizens who want to flaunt their wealth. Silvars are delicate vehicles, and since some of its drivers were avid users of certain powdery substances, these had a notorious statistical likelihood of crashing when these entered the electronics. Bellini even had to issue PSAs.

Hovercars are fairly safe due to multiple redundancies and the neuromorphic driver, but aerial incidents still occur from time to time.

They’re equipped with yoku coils, gravity-reducing devices that hail from the Pact’s Martian colonies. These wrap the chassis of the vehicle, and make it easy to push it around using low thrust.

title:Camper van: Road trip through Clibber National Park, Titan, 2078.

The Wallace Grande was one of Wallace’s many offerings in the camper van space, one of their most popular alongside commuter sedans. Sleek and mustardy!

The robot here is an Emerson device from the same product line as PRAGMA.

title:Union luxury sedans: Evolution of Eastern European luxury sedans.

Jura is a popular Union manufacturer eventually headquartered in Vostok City on Venus, which saw the highest number of hovercars per capita than any other city in the Solar System.

Whether these vehicles are “luxury” is highly debatable, especially when stacked against highly desired Ottowagen counterparts imported from West Germany.

The 2036 Jura Barracuda is a luxury sedan with a hastily converted sports edition. Truly the most frugal definition of luxury… this thing felt old when it rolled out of the factory.

Jura Forma, heavy luxury sedan with pretty terrible mileage, unless the owner opted for the nuclear battery. It was voted “ugliest car of 2076” by the Interplanetary Authority on Vehicle Aesthetics. At least they tried something different!

Now we’re talking. The Jura Polaris is a sleek luxury hovercar, one of the last designed prior to the Unexpected Interrupt. This was one of the few Union vehicles to actually be desired internationally and it’s pretty obvious as to why: slim compared to most yoku-powered systems, fast, quiet, and comfortable. Too bad you needed to be a commissar to come even close to owning one in the Union…

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