After three months of work, the Sunset System website is up and running. This website serves as the hub for all things related to this project. Community, content, and so on!

What can you find here?

I see this as the bare minumum. There is so much more I want to do, but this has to get released at some point.

What happens now?

Of course, I’ll keep drawing and posting things. I’d love to create an interactive map of the Solar System, and draw more robotic characters and tell their stories. Maybe even a few webcomic panels?

But the main goal of Sunset System is a video game. The concept, a 2d platform-adventurer inspired by the Metroidvania genre, is currently titled Sunset System: Story of a Cleaning Robot.

This game will follow the adventures of an interfacer robot struggling to keep a decaying retrofuturistic mall clean over the course of a hundred years. They’ll meet quirky characters, explore a strange alternate-future world, and arm themselves to destroy those who threaten the cleanliness of the galleria.

What’s the point of all this?

Sunset System is a way to explore an interesting premise that hasn’t been done much before: what do robots do when the humans they loved so dearly are gone? Also, it’s a way for me to express my feelings about the world today.

Now leave, go to the home page. Read the intro, join the Discord, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing you around!

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